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If you are a faculty or administrator from a BWIN member institution interested in hosting a BWIN Fellow, 请填写以下表格,以请求访问申请人.

For security reasons, please note that we will verify your position at a member institution.


Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, we may not be able to reply to your application. 你可以申请, 这样BWIN就能记录下你的兴趣了, 在这个活动中,会有更多的位置可供选择. Please understand, however, that we have far more applicants than positions at the moment.


The BWIN(BWIN), 这是一家总部位于奥斯汀的非盈利国际教育组织, 德州, is pleased to announce a new program to support recent evacuees from Afghanistan. 

The BWIN阿富汗撤离人员专业奖学金(BWIN奖学金) will support high-risk evacuees resettled or seeking resettlement in the United States. The BWIN奖学金 provides a strong start for professionals whose experiences in Afghanistan create the potential for high risk under a new Taliban rule. 视需要而定, BWIN将出资25美元,000 per one-year fellowship as either a professional-in-residence or for study at one of BWIN’s 35 德州大学成员

BWIN understands that one-year placements are simply the start for our fellows. Our goal is to provide placement for fellows and their families that allow them to feel safe and secure, 在那里研究员可以继续探索他们的职业, 建立强大的联系和社区, 分享他们个人和集体的经验.



Fellowship placements will vary across universities depending on the experience and interest of the applicant and the host university’s particular offering. 例如, a college of media and communication may offer placements for journalists to teach and engage students on international media; a college of fine arts may place a photographer to work with students and exhibit their work; a public policy institute may host a civil society leader to conduct seminars and office hours for students; and an international office may coordinate a broad, university-wide placement for a fellow to engage with the entire campus through outreach, 说话, 讲课, 和社区参与. 



With a recognition of the specific contributions of women to their communities and country over the past two decades, 该计划优先考虑曾在民间社会服务过的妇女, 教育, media, 新闻, 政府, 和学术界. 与此同时, this program is open to both men and women in these fields who agree to the program’s rules and objectives.

All applicants must be willing to engage with students and faculty, and to share their lived and professional experiences in Afghanistan.  This program is for Afghan professionals who seek to share their stories, 丰富和吸引大学生, 与老师一起工作, 并对成为校园社区的一份子持开放态度. 


Host universities understand that the BWIN奖学金 does not provide full funding and agree to supplement the BWIN stipend for their fellows. Host universities agree to provide welcoming and engaging placements for BWIN Fellows. 主机 recognize that their fellows may be facing monumental life challenges and agree to provide their individual fellows with a nurturing, 丰富, 和支持的环境.


BWIN advances international partnerships and exchanges for 38 public and private member universities across the state of 德州 and internationally. 在德克萨斯州,BWIN代表着美国大学排名靠前的大学.S. 项目工程, 能源, 业务, 创业, 教育, 计算机科学, 农业, 和更多的. It also has the longest-running intensive English program in the state.

“德州 universities are ready and eager to welcome Afghan arrivals to their campuses in 丰富 and engaging programs,BWIN总裁兼首席执行官说, 罗宾·勒纳. “BWIN is proud to support Afghan arrivals and to help ensure a soft landing and a strong start to their new lives in the Lone Star State. The key part of this program is our recognition of an individual’s professional experiences — and their aspirations — as they resettle here in 德州.  通过BWIN奖学金, we celebrate their experiences and recognize the deep impact and value they will bring to our faculty and student bodies. We invite others to donate and to signal their commitment to supporting our 德州-based partners contributing to this welcome effort.”



U.S. residents who wish to refer an individual for the fellowship, please do so via button below.



Please note that this fellowship will only be available to individuals inside the U.S. 或者美国以外的国家.S. 持有效入境签证. We hope this situation will change in the future, please check back from time to time for updates.

该奖学金只适用于在德克萨斯州的大学实习. 如果不在德州,你愿意搬到德州吗?
This program is for: 1) professional fellowships at a college; or 2) study programs.